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StouderHouse soaps are made from our own carefully crafted recipes to be natural, gentle, cleansing, refreshing, and moisturizing. You may use them to wash your body, your hands, your face, and -with some education on the subject- your hair (see our Blue Shampoo listing for more info). And our specially designed shapes prevent premature breakage of the soap bar. A StouderHouse bar of soap will stay in one piece until near the very end of its use. Simply wet the last of the bar, wet a new bar, and stick them together - there's no waste!

Shipping Information

We ship orders within 2 business days via USPS or UPS, and packages arrive at the destination 1-3 days after shipping.

Good to know about Natural Soap:

Natural soap is naturally anti-bacterial if you lather for 20 seconds or more.

Our square soaps are poured at 4 oz. but dry to approx. 3.5 oz.

They will last a long time if you keep them dry when not in use. 

Descriptions of Each Soap

Yogi Soap

Inspired by the Original Yogi Tea recipe, we created this soap in the spirit of the Indian spices that maintain physical well-being.  Our Yogi Soap is a goat milk soap with honey from our own beehives added as a humectant. Spicy and fragrant, detoxifying and soothing, hydrating and softening....this one is at the pinnacle of soap-making.

The black color is a result of the abundant dose of activated charcoal contained in each bar...it detoxifies your skin by removing impurities

Ingredients:  saponified food-grade fats, palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and castor oil with goat’s milk, activated charcoal, black pepper, pure local honey, and essential & phthalate free fragrance oils

Baby Soap

Carefully handcrafted with goats' milk, honey from our own bee hives, and finely ground oats, this soap is made with no scent or color, so it's just pure, clean goodness.

This soap contains no numbing agents or extra pH altering chemicals, so getting the soap in your eyes can burn. When using on babies, please cover their eyes with a cloth or shield their eyes with your hand.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin or sensitivity to smells.

Barbershop Soap

This soap is smooth, sharp and clean-smelling. Just like a trip to an old-fashioned barbershop!

Made with a special StouderHouse blend of phthalate-free fragrance oils.

The red and blue barber pole colors are made using iron oxides (minerals)


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